d e v i 's  is a plant focused food and design concept, inspired by flavours of the trade route, from Indo-Persia to the Levant.  

d e v i ' s  grew from humble beginnings and an honest love of food. We believe in conscious cooking, food made mindfully and that is enriched with heart & spirit.

 Our recipes encapsulate the osmosis of ingredients, marrying eastern Mediterranean cuisine with that of North Africa, the Middle East, Ancient Persia and India.

Our food is meat-free and vegan friendly. We source responsibly with organic dairy from British farms, and produce as seasonal & as local as possible. 


d e v i ' s  reinvest time and profits into hosting female empowerment projects. We are deeply passionate about gender equality, the refugee crisis and women's rights. Please see our Projects page for upcoming collaborations. 

 Weekends at Maltby Street Market, Ropewalk, London SE1 3PA

Sat: 10-5pm

Sunday 11-4pm

 Find our dining experiences here & pop up restaurants here