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devi’s is a plant focused, female-led food concept, honouring flavours of the Silk Road.

Our recipes encapsulate the osmosis of ingredients, marrying eastern Mediterranean cuisine with that of North Africa, the Middle East, Ancient Persia and India.

Created by self-taught Tanya Gohil, devi’s was born from her Indo-Persian heritage, a lust for flavour and the desire to celebrate the women bestowing her with culinary erudition.

devi’s comes from the Sanskrit, ‘devi’ meaning ‘goddess’, and serves as an ode to women in the kitchen.

We employ a majority female team and reinvest time and profits into hosting empowerment projects for women. We are deeply passionate about gender equality, the refugee crisis and women's rights. Please see our projects page for upcoming collaborations. 

Weekends at Maltby Street Market, Ropewalk, London SE1 3PA

Sat: 10-5pm

Sunday 11-4pm

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